Professional Consultation

Consultations differ from training in that they are tailored to the consulter’s specific concerns. Consultations often center around an individual or agency’s need for immediate support surrounding a population or access issue that has arisen.

Consultations are agency and practice-specific and may include support around best practices in organizational change management, service delivery, equity analysis, policy, and facilities.

Consultation Fees : $165 /hour + travel.

I am available to provide consultation and organizational equity assessments, to individuals, organizations, educational institutions, state and federal agencies, medical and therapeutic providers.

Some Issues and Populations I am consulted about include:

  • Trans Youth, young adults, adults and elders
  • Queer folks
  • Gender-based violence prevalence and prevention
  • Disability Advocacy
  • Justice, Equity, Anti-Oppression
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Organizational equity assessments 
  • Executive Coaching
  • Agency/Org restructuring
  • Organizational trauma, compassion fatigue, and Vicarious Trauma
  • Board Review
  • Policy research, analysis, development
  • Resource development

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