Welcome, I am a Talcott Broadhead, a transgender, professional Social Worker and consultant. My pronouns are they, them and their.

I hold a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Washington School of Social Work. I completed a Bachelor’s degree at Bard College at Simon’s Rock with a dual major in Intercultural Studies and Linguistics with a course of study in Linguistics at S.O.A.S, University of London.

I provide Transgender liberation and anti-bias focused advocacy, clinical training, consultation, and professional education to a variety of clientele and audiences.

I am a Professor of Psychology, History and Transgender Studies and I am passionate about creating liberating spaces and carving out access with and for those who are impacted by oppression.

I am also an author of an acclaimed children’s book about a non-binary child. To learn more about my book “Meet Polkadot,” click here!


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